Do you have your service actions under control?

Ensure that you have a complete overview of your service actions
– with the PerFact Ticket System

Sound familiar?

You communicate with your customers via several channels.

Service documentation is incomplete.

Services cannot be proven, and customers do not want to pay for service rendered.

More profitable and transparent service with the PerFact Ticket System

PerFact has the solution!

  • One central platform for all service enquiries
  • Customer enquiries do not go missing
  • Customer access enables transparency
  • Automated service reports
  • Central machine records with all master data, documents, service enquiries, ...
  • Integrated escalation management

All information at a glance – comprehensive and clear.

Increasing customer requirements in service – are you ready?

  • Rapid response times
  • "24/7" Follow the Sun principle
  • Automated time logging for each service enquiry
  • All services at a glance
  • Simple spare parts identification

How it works:

  • The customer creates a ticket with a description of the problem.

  • The ticket is processed by the service department. The customer receives direct feedback.

  • The problem is remedied and the ticket is closed.

  • Key service figures guarantee an overview of the effectivity of your service actions. Timely billing for profitable service.

Intuitive and user-friendly operation with the lean Ticket System from PerFact.

PerFact Ticket System Mobile

"From design through to sales – everybody benefits from the centrally stored information"

» As a service technician, I was skeptical before the system was introduced – it sounded like more work at first.

Now though, I have to say that the PerFact system helps us at every single point in the service process, and we couldn't do without it.

In the meantime, it is not just the service department that uses this platform. From design through to sales – everybody benefits from the centrally stored information. «

Dirk Möller
After-Sales Service Technical Support
IMA Schelling Group

Added value for you:

  • Modular, extendable ticket system
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Service process advice
  • Service Level Agreement framework contracts
  • Licence-free software

PerFact::Ticket System